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Win-Win Course in Sales Negotiations: 

Course Outline:

Our two-day win-win course in sales negotiations is one of the oldest and most-respected courses of its kind in the country. This highly interactive class uses small group activities, role-plays, discussion forums and high-quality personal feedback to help you gain immediate, hands-on experience with effective negotiation principles and techniques. You will learn the value of preparation; you will learn to recognize and neutralize 20 common tactics. Along the way, you will discover a strategic approach to negotiation that will lead to a win-win conclusion -- the kind of conclusion where both sides walk away satisfied with the outcome.


A very valuable course in sales that helps you see the relationship side of selling. The content of course brought new insights that I never thought of before. Very thankful for this opportunity.

Stephen Klesel
Team Generalist
Angleton, Texas  

Course in Sales

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