People Skills for Sales Professionals (Half-Day Session) 

People Skills for Sales Professionals (Half-Day Session) 

Seminar Outline:

To many in the business world, sales professionals have earned the reputation as individuals with great social skills who are at ease dealing with customers and prospective clients. While this may often be the case, there are countless sales professionals who deal with anxiety and a great deal of stress each time they are required to socialize or establish rapport and chemistry with their customers. Since people come in all shapes and sizes, it is understandable that some people, even those who work as sales professionals, simply aren’t as comfortable interacting with others. Our People Skills for Sales Professionals training program is designed to help ease the pressure many feel when calling new prospects, interacting with existing clients or simply conversing with customers during social situations.

This interactive and in-depth half-day training workshop focuses on multiple topics central to the ability to develop people skills. Initial discussions are focused on a self-analysis instrument that enables participants to understand their personal communication styles. Discussions on individual styles, stress factors and needs are included to provide tailored insight for participants. Once participants have a greater understanding of their own needs, they will then learn how to interact with other personality types in sales situations. The ability to modify communication based on these personality types is vital to establishing rapport and building chemistry. Class discussions then turn towards various professional, personal, sales and social situations and how they can be handled effectively to build long-term relationships with clients. Our effective workshop, People Skills for Sales Professionals, offers several opportunities to practice using skills and methodologies via role plays, group exercises, activities, questions and answer sessions and lectures. These opportunities are designed to increase knowledge retention and increase individual comfort level so that skills can immediately be put to use in sales or in social situations. With a greater personal understanding and awareness of individual needs, sales professionals will be able to interact with comfort and ease with prospects and clients.

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